10 mins walk from The Periwinkle B&B (Bed & Breakfast Accommodation, Galway City).

Visit the Market outside St Nicholas’ Church on Saturday morning and you can buy a picnic fit for a king! Small food producers from the region will be there, with cheese, bread, preserves, cake and oganic fruit and veg. It is feast for the eyes as well as all the other senses.

The market has taken place in Galway every Saturday for 500 years and in that time has undergone many changes. Long ago it was held at Eyre Square but for the past many years it has been held in front of St Nicholas Church. As a child I remember people buying fowl, live, or cleaned and plucked, home made country butter and of course the vegetables and plants we can still buy there. Many of my friends and neighbours never miss a Saturday morning at the market, they buy their fruit and vegetables, plants, cheeses candles, olives, hot crepes, bread, jewellery, woollens and hand made items to name a few. It’s a place where you allow time to bump into neighbours and friends and might even go for coffee with them, its both a productive and a very social occasion as everyone relaxes, browses, bargains and takes time to chat and yet come home with vegetables for the week and plants and advice for the garden! 

This is the way we have done things for centuries and its just as relevant today as it was in the past. And as we are fast becoming a multi cultural society the changes are being reflected in the market where one can now get an even greater variety of food available, Madras curry, Yummy Crepes, Japanese Sushi, and mouth watering handmade chocolates among many others or you can buy the ingredients for a delicious gourmet picnic. To get the best fruit and vegetables etc one should be there early in the morning but the more social shoppers are time enough at 11.am or 12.am! The Market normally finishes around 2pm (depending on the weather!). There is now a market on Sundays also 2pm – 6pm, but so far I have not been there, somehow I don’t think it could have the same atmosphere but maybe I am wrong!