Irish Potato Cakes.

250g. cooked boiled potatoes

50g. self-raising flour

Salt and Pepper

75g melted Margarine

Oil and Margarine to fry. 


1.                Peel freshly boiled or leftover potatoes.

2.                Mash potatoes in bowl, add flour and seasoning, mix.

3.                Add melted margarine, mix well.

4.                Turn onto floured board. Knead lightly, cut into two.

5.                Roll out each piece into a circle about 2 cm thick, Cut each into 4 triangles.

6.                Fry each cake until golden on both sides

Serve hot with butter and seasoning




500 g potatoes

4 small green cabbage leaves or 2 stalks of Kale.

4 scallions.

150 ml milk or cream

75 g butter

Salt and Pepper.


1.   Wash, peel and quarter potatoes, boil in salted water for 15 mins.

2.                Wash and shred the cabbage or kale very finely. Add to potatoes, continue cooking for 15 mins.

3.                Chop scallions, simmer in milk or cream for 5 mins.

4.                Drain the potatoes and cabbage. Mash really well with milk and half the butter, and season.

Serve, make a well in the centre and put in the remaining butter to melt.


Traditionally Colcannon was served at Halloween and eaten with a glass of fresh buttermilk. (milk remaining after the butter was made!)  ________________________________



500 g boiled potatoes, (hot)

2 scallions, chopped

75 ml milk

Salt and Pepper

25 g butter.

Put the milk, scallions, salt and pepper into a saucepan and simmer gently for 5 minutes.

when potatoes are soft, drain and mash with the milk to form a soft but not sloppy mixture.

Serve piled on a dish.

Make a hollow on top, place butter in hollow and allow time to melt. Garnish with parsley